About the Chronicles

In 2013, a shared love of revolutionary barricades brought two authors together. 

As snow blanketed England, Catherine Curzon and Willow Winsham opened the door to an 18th century world where highwaymen roamed the roads, artists faded in obscure unhappiness, silk-clad poodles held London society enraptured and viscounts couldn't feel their own thumbs. 
Here be monsters, magic and lonely doctors with a penchant for the work of the old masters, not to mention a cavalcade or rogues, royals and revelry. 

These are The Dead London Chronicles.

This is not an exercise in writing craft, but a collaborative, ongoing storytelling experiment. Heads will be hopped, blood will be spilled and stories will twist and turn as the world grows. The threads of the tapestry are still being woven, and what the Chronicles contain, we can only guess.

John Henry Fuseli - The Nightmare

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